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New Seiko SAT10 SAT 10 Guitar & Bass Tuner Blue Open Box
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Seiko SAT500/SAT100 Guitar & Bass Tuner Portable Handheld
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NewNEW IN BOX Seiko SAT100 Digital Guitar & Bass Auto Tuner with Sound Reference
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Seiko Guitar And Bass Tuner St-727 With Built In Mic
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Music Tuner, Guitar & Bass, Seiko, ST727
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Seiko Model ST-727 Electric Guitar and Bass Tuner
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Seiko Guitar Bass Tuner ST707 FREE SHIPPING
Time Left: 23d 1h 31m

Seiko ST-366 Tune Master Quartz Guitar / Bass Tuner
Time Left: 22d 16h 50m

Seiko ST-727 Guitar & Bass Tuner
Time Left: 23d 9h 24m

BOSS TU-12 Chromatic Tuner Guitar Made in Japan w/ Seiko STM-20
Time Left: 28d 13h 51m

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how to tune my guitar using Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner?

how to be on the qui vive my guitar to standard using Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner

in key settings it has E*b, F, B*b, C, what do i want?
it also has a HZ, what do i scarcity?

It's a concert gismo, so you want C, 440 Hz.

| Dec 13, 2010

It's a concert legal document, so you want C, 440 Hz.

I Dj | Dec 13, 2010

i have a Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner and i want to tune my electric guitar?

what key should the tuner be in? what mhz should i have it in? also propitious now when i plug it into my guitar the needle is not moving but i plug it out and sing into the mic it changes tune..any ideas?

You should set the tuner so that A = 440 Hz. That's example tuning.

Lester G | Jun 21, 2009

You should set the tuner so that A = 440 Hz. That's ideal tuning.

Lester G | Jun 21, 2009

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False Prophet, Field Notes from the Punk Underground
332 pages
False Prophet, Field Notes from the Punk Underground

Guitar amplifier: Music Man 1 12 RD # EN 1 1 058 value $150.00 Drum set ( Ludwig) [rental] $350.00 consisting of: I bass ... flanger $25.00 I guitar tuner, Seiko tune master ST-366 $25.00 I Electro Harmonics Small Stone phase shifter $25.00 I ...

Frets Frets

Larrivee Guitars • 267 E. 1st • N. Vancouver V7L 1B4 • (604) 985-6520 THE HOTTEST BANDS IN THE BUSINESS Flatten, ... Then the guitar is strung up, played, checked with an elec tronic tuner, and if it passes final inspection, it is ready to be shipped to ... These handle sound electronics (Seiko keyboards, KMD amps); musical education products; percussion; and guitars (Ovation, Takamine, Applause).


PEDALS Don’t use any. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fucking about with cool pedals that make crazy noises and generally help to make a guitarist sound better / more impressive than they probably actually are. In fact most of my favourite guitar players use a range of pedals to achieve their signature sound/s, so all good. Special mention: It’s not a pedal but this old SEIKO quartz guitar tuner has been with me since day one.

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