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Seiko ST-808 Chromatic Auto-Tuner For Guitar And Bass Pistol Grip Design
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NewSeiko Guitar and Bass Tuner, SAT101
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Seiko DM-11 Digital Metronome Acurate Tempo Guitar Drums Pace Golf FREE SHIPPING
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Seiko chromatic ST-747-100 Guitar, Ec Tuner PERFECT $7.99 No reserve Free ship
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NewSeiko SAT50KE Chromatic Tuner Gold
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NewNEW Seiko SAT101 Guitar/Bass Tuner
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Seiko ST-727 Guitar and Bass Tuuner
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SEIKO Chromatic Tuner ST-909 - Analog
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how to tune my guitar using Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner?

how to be on the qui vive my guitar to standard using Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner

in key settings it has E*b, F, B*b, C, what do i want?
it also has a HZ, what do i scarcity?

It's a concert gismo, so you want C, 440 Hz.

| Dec 13, 2010

It's a concert legal document, so you want C, 440 Hz.

I Dj | Dec 13, 2010

i have a Seiko sat500 chromatic tuner and i want to tune my electric guitar?

what key should the tuner be in? what mhz should i have it in? also propitious now when i plug it into my guitar the needle is not moving but i plug it out and sing into the mic it changes tune..any ideas?

You should set the tuner so that A = 440 Hz. That's example tuning.

Lester G | Jun 21, 2009

You should set the tuner so that A = 440 Hz. That's ideal tuning.

Lester G | Jun 21, 2009

JHS Event 2014: Customer attendance up 22 per cent

JHS has reported a customer attendance rise of 22 per cent for this year’s Event.

Held between June 8th-11th, JHS Event 2014 welcomed hundreds of dealers from across the country to its HQ in Garforth Leeds.

Suppliers from around the world were on hand throughout to provide help and advice, including Rudiger Forse, Martin Reichart and Paul Airey for Hughes and Kettner amplification and HK Audio, Mike van der Logt for Lewitt microphones, Nancy Lee for Xvive Effects Pedals, Mike Hrano, Quintten Huigen and Koen Brouwer for Thunderplugs ear protection, Erjan van der Laan with Dunlop products, James Kitchen and Christophe Lagrange for Diago pedalboards and power supplies, Steve Hurst for Easy Karaoke and Steve Bradd for Seiko tuners and metronomes.

Dealers were given the chance to get behind the scenes info from designers and builders Trev Wilkinson, Peter Pollard and Paul Tebbut.

Demos of all JHS products were available all day from the likes of Steve Fairclough for Fishman, Matt Smith with Supro Amplifiers, Thomas Blug with his Vintage Signature guitar, Chris Eaton playing Danelecto guitars, Jim Fieldhouse with Odyssey Brasswind and some amazing demos from Lee Hodgson, James Bell and John Verity.

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False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground

Guitar amplifier: Music Man 1 12 RD # EN 1 1 058 value $150.00 Drum set ( Ludwig) [rental] $350.00 consisting of: I bass ... flanger $25.00 I guitar tuner, Seiko tune master ST-366 $25.00 I Electro Harmonics Small Stone phase shifter $25.00 I ...

Business Japan Business Japan

SEIKO SHKO Gets a Guitar Fine-tuned in a Flash. 4 • r Seiko gives its advanced quartz technology artistic new meaning. Good guitar sounds come faster when Seiko's ultra-accurate quartz technology does the tuning. Seiko's new ST368 ...

Seiko Sat1100 Chromatic Tuner Regular

When I started measuring the cent deviations of certain musical notes, I first used the KORG OT-120 tuner. After a while I noticed, that OT-120 diplays a too large cent deviation if the pitch is not exactly at the. Fortunately I found that SEIKO model SAT1100 tuner. The Seiko has a better microphone response, furthermore it has a much a better input filtering than the KORG OT-120. Higly dynamic guitar string picking does not cause erratic needle movements and the reading is quicker to take. The SEIKO SAT1100 does only offer equal temperament tuning. Since the needle pointer is very stable, tuning off scale pitches is as easy as it can be. Other SEIKO tuners, eg. the SAT800 display the cents tuning deviation as digital needle pointer and additionally they display the value in digital numbers... watching small changes as they occur, while the LCD types jump from cent to cent but are easier to read.

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Seiko Quartz Metronome
Seiko Quartz Metronome Each 9V battery has lasts me several years. This metronome also has the ability to sound an A for you, so you can tune up. This trumps a previous method of calling McCabe's Guitars and asking for an A over the phone. Honestly, I now use a strobe tuner

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JHS Christmas stocking fillers
Available now, the firm's Guitarist's Christmas Stocking (CS1 £19.99) comes with £41 worth of accessories, including spare strings, electronic tuner, Dunlop slide, capo, plectrums, strap and guitar cable. Similarly, US Elsewhere, Seiko's range of

In Thailand, Copyright Enforcement Comes as a Shock
In Thailand, Copyright Enforcement Comes as a Shock But it also has some modern flourishes, including face-melting rock guitar breaks. The fusion is wildly popular, and the song last year was adopted as the unofficial anthem for the Thai women's volleyball team. Krit Thomas runs the music business at

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