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Tissot T Race Touch Analog Digital Dial Rubber Band Stainless Case
Time Left: 5d 13h 58m

NewTissot Rubber Watch Band Strap Bracelet Replacement
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 26d 8h 12m

NewTissot T-Touch II Expert Black Rubber Strap Watch Band for T013420A or T047420A
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 2d 11h 51m

NewOriginal Tissot T-Touch Black Rubber Strap Watch Band for Z252/352 or Z253/353
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 2d 12h 4m

NewTissot Titanium Buckle T091420A for T-Touch Expert Solar Rubber.silicon Band
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 27d 19h 8m

NewT0484172705702 Tissot T-Race Red Rubber Band Black Dial Chrono Mens Watch
Time Left: 7h 9m

NewOriginal Tissot T-Touch Expert SOLAR Black Rubber Strap Watch Band for T091420A
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 7d 1h 1m

NewTissot T-TOUCH RED Rubber Band,strap,20mm,Z352/353 Z252/253 bracelet silicon
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 26d 0h 21m

New RED Rubber Silicon Watch Band Strap For -Tissot- T-Race (T048417A)
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 23d 7h 6m

HQ 20mm Black Rubber Watch Strap Band For Tissot T-Touch
Wristwatch Bands
Time Left: 14d 1h 55m

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Hands on: TAG Heuer Carrera Connected

The importance of the TAG Heuer Carrera Connected smartwatch cannot be overstated. It’s not the same as Apple making the Apple Watch — that was a technology company making another piece of technology. This is a Swiss watchmaker making a piece of tech. At launch, TAG Heuer’s CEO called it a meeting of Watch Valley and Silicon Valley, but it’s a partnership formed out of necessity, not desire. If smartwatches are going to steal sales away from watchmakers like TAG Heuer, they’ll all need weapons like the Carrera Connected in their arsenals to properly do battle.

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What is the Swiss watch industry’s first Android Wear watch like? We tried one on to find out, and the first impression is a big one. Literally, because it’s massive. It’s really, really big. The body is 46mm, much larger than the 42mm Apple Watch, and even large Android Wear devices like the already hefty LG Watch Urbane. It’s also the largest watch TAG Heuer sells.

Look at the size of that thing

The body is made from grade 2 titanium, and is very thick, but also very light. The strap is made from rubber and comes in different colors, but no other materials are available at launch. It’s attached to the body using oversized lugs, and the strap itself is thickened to compensate for the overall size. That way, it doesn’t not look out of place next to the huge watchface. It’s adjusted for a perfect fit, easily sliding through a clever titanium clasp before locking into position.

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Rubber World Rubber World

Rubber band stamp with means for adjusting tension and dismantling, F. Pitman, Bulla-Harre, Campbell street, East Kew, ... (D'er 24, 1915.). Gas mask. permitting prolonged stay in unbreathable atmospheres. . J. Tissot. (August 27, 1918.).

Congressional Serial Set Congressional Serial Set

10,000 dozen rubber buttons Ismail): Manhattan Supply Co 340. 00 Wm. H. Horstman Co 325. 00 India Rubber Comb Co 337.50 John H. Tissot, jr i(30. 00 Thos. G.Hood* ... 1 band saw: Manhattan Supply Co The Garvin Machine Co.*. John H.

Solo Flight: On Masturbation

May is International Masturbation Month , because hey, why not. ," but its genesis had to do with Unistat Surgeon General under Bill Clinton, Joycelyn Elders , saying publicly that masturbation is a safe way to explore sexuality and (gasp. So, in comparatively enlightened San Francisco, the response by sex-positive activists was to make May the month to celebrate masturbation, about which James Joyce once praised its "wonderful availability," and try to turn the cultural tide... It's been almost 22 years since the Erisian Ms. Elders was forced out, and it could be that she will be talked about as a cultural hero, a sexual freedom fighter, in a decade or so. It's in our hands, ladies and germs, so get to it. His spirit is... " In another place he says it's like "flying," which suggests I should take my own masturbations more seriously. Suppose one falls asleep - perhaps while working at one's desk - and has a vivid dream. The reality of the dream begins to pale as soon as one returns to a wakeful state, and one is then conscious of having temporarily left the mundane reality of everyday life. That mundane reality remains the point of departure and orientation, and when one comes back to it, this return is commonly described as 'coming back to reality' - that is, precisely, coming back to the paramount reality. Since 2013, consumer James O. Thach has received over 10,000 "review helpful" votes, and if you read his review you can see why. The warm reception for his review probably fits best into the third of Ingvild Gilhus 's three theories of laughter: the "relief theory," which says we laugh and feel relief for being able to express something over that which is forbidden. Robert Anton Wilson told me he thought this was one of his favorite theories of laughter, and why humor must be used if you're going to discuss taboo issues. Kant and Voltaire seemed to buy Tissot's idiot ideas about self-pleasure. If you didn't read the Wiki (I don't blame ya), you're probably still not surprised that, soon after the Romans (who thought you ought to fap or schlick with your left hand, something sinister about that), masturbation suddenly caused idiocy,... Not until around 1897 do we get Havelock Ellis, one of the great early sexologists, who called BS on all the fear and danger about masturbation....

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